Advanced Driving

Want to improve your driving skills and be a safer, more confident driver?  Then advanced driving training could be just for you.

There are various advanced driving tests run by different organisations throughout the UK and the majority of them focus on a "system of car control".

The most common of these driving styles is driving to "RoadCraft", the police system of driving used from everyday driving to emergency (blue-light) response driving.

What's involved?

I can advise you which course will likely benefit you and you'll learn the skills to make you one of the best drivers on the road.  You will learn a new driving style which will help you: 

  • Be a safer, more confident driver

  • Significantly decrease the risk of you being involved in a collision

  • Open the possibility of car insurance discounts only available to advanced drivers

  • Increase your fuel efficiency

  • Decrease wear and tear of your vehicle keeping it going for longer

How much?


The amount of training required depends on your abilities and experience.  I charge a flat fee of £40 per hour for advanced driving training, however prices vary for higher level advanced driving courses so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.