Driver Assessments

Wh​ether you drive for work, are a more mature driver, or just want to get an honest opinion of your driving ability; then the driver assessment is just the thing for you.

  • Get your confidence back

  • Get a qualified second opinion

  • Brush up on your skills and abilities

Each driver assessment lasts 60 minutes and covers a variety of roads to get an honest opinion of your driving skills.  This isn't a test and is conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  You can even bring a friend along if you wish. You will be provided with a report highlighting your strengths and any areas for improvement, but it is confidential and is not sent to anyone.  I can also tailor a driving refresher package to suit you if you wish, ensuring you remain safe on the roads and enjoy your driving experience.

If you drive for a living or do a lot driving in your employment, I can also work with you to make you feel safe, relaxed and comfortable on your time out on the road and take all the stress out of driving.

Driving assessments are charged at £45 per hour and can be arranged with either a home pick-up or at a location that suits you.

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