Intensive Courses

Below are the most popular courses available. Alternatively I can tailor a course to suit your individual needs and timescale.

Intensive Driving Courses

In a rush to get out on the road? Get your licence in as little as 3 days with an intensive driving course.

"1st Gear" Beginner - 10 Day Course         £999

Completely new to driving?  The 10 day course is aimed at those with little or no driving experience and consists of 4 hours worth of lessons for 9 days and 4 hours on test day (40 Hours).  This course will take you from starting to learn to drive, to passing your practical driving test and feeling comfortable on the roads in as little as 10 days!

"2nd Gear" Beginner - 7 Day Course         £779

Quite inexperienced at driving or had a break from your lessons years ago and looking to get back in the driving seat?  The 7 day course is aimed at those with a small amount of driving experience and consists of 4.5 hours worth of lessons for 6 days and 3 hours on test day (30 Hours).

Intermediate - 5 Day Course    £599

Have some driving experience already?  The 5 day course consists of 5 hours worth of lessons for 4 days and 2.5 hours on test day (22.5 Hours).

Brush Up - 3 Day Course         £399

Need a bit of a brush up or recently failed a driving test?  This course is best suited to take over a long weekend, the 3 day course consists of 4 hours worth of lessons for 3 days and an additional 3 hours on test day (15 Hours).

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Please note that the above prices are for the intensive course only and do not include car hire for the practical test.  If you would like to hire a car for use during your test following an intensive course, a fee of £105.00 is payable which includes an additional 1 hour training session before your test.